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Dru Jasper Series

“Tom Cruise” reviews It Happened One Doomsday

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Magic Carpet Ride

(Dru Jasper short story)

Magic Carpet Ride - a Dru Jasper urban fantasy series short story

Dru Jasper is the bookish owner of The Crystal Connection, a Denver shop that sells potions, charms, and enchanted crystals to help sorcerers fight the forces of darkness.

When a magic carpet goes out of control, can Dru save her friends — before the runaway carpet whisks them away forever?

** Note: This short story is a prequel to It Happened One Doomsday (Dru Jasper #1), and includes a FREE sample chapter of the first book! **

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Put A Spell On You

(Dru Jasper novelette)

Put a Spell on You - a Dru Jasper urban fantasy series short story

When an ancient curse threatens the neighborhood Chinese restaurant, can Dru solve a cryptic riddle, stop an angry spirit, and resist heaps of amazingly tasty dumplings – before an evil army of fiends conquers the world?

** Note: This novelette is a prequel to It Happened One Doomsday (Dru Jasper #1), and includes a FREE sample chapter of the first book! **



It Happened One Doomsday

(Dru Jasper, Book 1)

It Happened One Doomsday

Magic is real. A handful of sorcerers wield arcane power against demons and the forces of darkness. These protectors of the powerless are the best magic-users in the world. Unfortunately, Dru isn’t one of them. She’s got magical potential. She uses crystals to see enchantments, and she can research practically anything in the library in the back of her little store, sandwiched between a pawnshop and a 24-hour liquor mart. She sells enough crystals, incense, and magic charms to scrape by.

Everything changes the day a handsome mechanic pulls up in a possessed black muscle car, his eyes glowing red. Just being near Greyson raises Dru’s magical powers to dizzying heights. But he’s been cursed to transform into a demonic creature that could bring about a fiery doomsday. There’s only one chance to break Greyson’s curse—and it’s about to fall into Dru’s inexperienced hands. . . .

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A Kiss Before Doomsday

(Dru Jasper, Book 2)

A Kiss Before Doomsday

When sorcerers disappear off the streets of Denver, the only person to notice a pattern is Dru, proprietor of The Crystal Connection and newly-minted sorceress. Monstrous creatures are attacking and dragging off anyone with magical powers. Signs point to forbidden necromancy in the hands of someone trying to fulfill the prophecy of the apocalypse scroll.

With the dead rising from the grave, Dru fears someone is picking up where the Harbingers left off half a century ago. Now more than ever, Dru needs half-demon Greyson and his infernal car, Hellbringer. Though Greyson is missing and presumed dead, Dru believes he’s alive–and trapped at the center of this evil.

Dru will need her friends–and her enemies–trusting in Rane’s strength, Opal’s wisdom, and her own crystal magic to infiltrate the mountainous fortress of a powerful sorcerer intent on bringing about doomsday.

Because the moment the prophecy is fulfilled, legions of undead will rise to consume the souls of everyone on Earth…

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No Sleep Till Doomsday

(Dru Jasper, Book 3)

Dru Jasper book 3 - No Sleep till Doomsday

When a deadly enchantress steals an amulet of unimaginable power, crystal sorceress Dru Jasper must risk everything to get it back. With this amulet in hand, the enchantress could break the sixth seal of the apocalypse scroll. If she does, the seas will boil, the stars will fall from the sky, and the earth itself will split apart. Overall, bad news.

There’s only one way to stop doomsday: find the apocalypse scroll first. But Dru’s attempts to track down the scroll run smack up against the dark secrets of her half-demon boyfriend, Greyson. His uncanny connection to the demon-possessed muscle car Hellbringer could threaten the fate of the world–unless Dru can find a way to break his curse for good.

Which isn’t easy, since one of her friends has decided to solve the problem by eliminating Greyson. As her boyfriend battles her best friends, Dru is locked in a high-speed chase with the enchantress, fighting a fierce magical duel she cannot win alone. Can Dru save Greyson’s soul, salvage her friendships, and find the apocalypse scroll in time to stop doomsday?

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Forever and a Doomsday

(Dru Jasper, Book 4)

Forever and a Doomsday

A chilling cohort of soul-devouring wraiths has risen from the netherworld to crack open the final seal of the apocalypse scroll and bring the world to a fiery end.

To keep the scroll out of their clutches, Dru must solve a 2,000-year-old magical mystery, find a city lost in the netherworld, and unearth a crystal older than the Earth itself.

Can she elude the forces of darkness long enough to save her friends and safeguard the scroll forever—before the undead break the seventh seal and bring on doomsday?

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