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Conspiracy of Angels


Conspiracy of Angels by Laurence MacNaughton supernatural thrillerRead a free sample chapter now, or watch the Conspiracy of Angels trailer on YouTube.


Just out of prison, ex-convict Mitch Turner is determined to put his life back on track and find out the truth about his daughter’s mysterious death. But when his daughter’s best friend, Geneva, discovers a cryptic piece of top-secret technology, the two of them are thrust into the cross-hairs of a deadly living weapon.

It’s known only by a code name: Archangel. It’s fast, invulnerable, inhuman. And its next target is Mitch.

The Archangel is more than just a relentless killer. It’s a gatekeeper of the dangerous boundary that divides this world from the next. And it’s Mitch’s only chance of learning the dark truth about what happened to his daughter.

Outnumbered, outgunned and on the run, Mitch and Geneva race to outsmart an elite force determined to silence them. Can they uncover the conspiracy before the Archangel unleashes its deadly secret on all of humanity?


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Fresh Fiction

Many years ago, when I worked in a bookstore, a guy came up to me looking like he was on the verge of committing homicide. “How come I can’t find any J.D. Robb books?” he demanded. “You don’t carry them?” I pointed to the aisle labeled, in gi-normous letters, ROMANCE. A mixture of terror and indignation washed over his face. He turned to me with a steely glare. Read more >

OmniMystery News

I like to do a lot of hands-on research. Probably the freakiest part of my research was when one of my trucks exploded. I don’t mean a weird noise and a puff of smoke. I mean a grenade-like BOOM, followed a few seconds later by a raging ball of fire. Read more >

Paranormal & Romantic Suspense Reviews

For some reason, maybe because of poor choices on my part, I’ve been friends with a lot of ex-cons. But when you know someone, when you care about them, you still want to find out what happens. It’s a basic need, to find out how the story ends. Read more >

Luxury Reading

The most extraordinary ideas come from ordinary moments. Grilling dinner, taking a shower or going for a walk sometimes gives you the clarity you need to figure out how to twist a story in a new direction, hide a clue in plain sight, or even begin a brand-new novel. Read more >

Honestly, I never intended to stir up any science-versus-religion controversy with my debut novel, Conspiracy of Angels. I simply started writing the book after one of my trucks blew up. Read more >

Noir Journal

I couldn’t see much more than rocks and falling snow. Something about that place was so lonely, so forbidding, that it’s still frozen into my memory. We could die up here, I thought. And weirdly enough, at that moment I knew how my book would end. Funny how the mind works.  Read more >

I once had a neighbor who mowed his lawn in his bathrobe. I look for oddball moments like that, human moments I can put into my stories. Mitch loves to barbecue, he has a garage full of junk, he has a troubled relationship with his brother. Details like that helps the story feel “real” during the car chases and gunfights. And when the hero is chasing somebody in his bathrobe, it’s also funny. Read more >



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Conspiracy of Angels is a page-turning story packed with pulse-pounding chases, otherworldly dangers and tough-talking characters hiding heartbreaking secrets.

Find out for yourself. Check it out for free.

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