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No Sleep Till Doomsday

(Dru Versus Doomsday, Book 3)

A doomsday amulet has been stolen, and crystal sorceress Dru Jasper has only twenty-four hours to get it back.

When a wicked enchantress steals a 2,000-year-old cursed amulet, she has everything she needs to break the sixth seal of the apocalypse scroll. If she does, the seas will boil, the stars will fall from the sky, and the earth itself will split asunder.

Overall, basically, super bad news.

Dru has until dawn tomorrow to set things right. So there’s only one thing she can do.

Get her half-demon boyfriend, Greyson, hop into his demon-possessed muscle car, and hit the road to get the amulet back.

But when she stumbles across a mystery from Greyson’s past, she suspects he might be hiding a dark secret. Can she trust him to help her find the enchantress and the amulet?

Worse, the trail leads Dru smack up against a pack of killer shape-shifters, the grim mystery of a radioactive ghost town, and a dangerous speed demon more powerful than she has ever faced.

As the clock runs out, Dru is locked in a high-speed chase, fighting a fierce magical duel she can never win alone.

Can Dru and her sorcerer friends unravel Greyson’s secrets, outwit the shape-shifters, and retrieve the stolen amulet before the dawn of doomsday?


“Fresh, fierce, and laugh-out-loud funny. The most rollicking read I’ve had in ages!”
—Lisa Shearin, New York Times bestselling author

“A long way from being yet another gloomy, claustrophobic urban fantasy. This is urban fantasy for readers who want to have a good time—even a few laughs. Well-crafted and thoroughly entertaining.”

“A reluctant sorceress. Her shapeshifting warrior BFF. Her wisecracking employee. A hunky mechanic who is becoming one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Possessed cars. This book has everything.”
—Book Riot

“A fast and fun ride that keeps you entertained all the way through its unyielding mayhem.”
—Starburst Magazine

“MacNaughton’s urban fantasy series features sorcery, magic, nearly indestructible classic cars, and characters who run the gamut from faintly noir to slightly horrific. A fascinating series where anything is possible and everything has a cost.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Such a fun read! I couldn’t put it down. Humorous, charming, and easily addict-able.”
—Manhattan Book Review

“Humor, magical exploits, and entertaining characters. More urban fantasy than supernatural romance, this offers fans of both subgenres a fun crossover read.”
—Library Journal