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“Immensely engaging.” –San Francisco Book Review

San Francisco Book Review

San Francisco Book Review

This is great! Just received some fantastic coverage in the San Francisco Book Review:

“It Happened One Doomsday is a curious beast: a rom-com with an apocalyptic bent.

[Dru’s] posse of supportive female friends is both hilarious and badass, offering great banter along with impressive superpowers.

She’s also supported by an interesting magic system and a bookish background that makes her an immensely engaging underdog. Read more >

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Publishers Weekly: “Fascinating.”

Publishers Weekly print edition

OK, so, yeah, I’m at the bottom of page 51. Not exactly headline news. But still, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY!

So there I was in Target, shopping for chicken and peanut butter, when something terrifying popped up on my phone.

Publishers Weekly had just reviewed my new book. Not just online, but in print.

I froze. My heart started pounding. A cold jolt of adrenaline shot through me. Why? Because first off, in the world of a writer, this is officially a BIG THING.

Like, Tyrannosaurus-Rex-in-your-living-room big.

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One Book, One Denver — Could it be Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet?

If you live in or near Denver, you know that there is no shortage of good places to sit and read.  Take the Tattered Cover, for example, a place of legendary green carpets, creaky (yet comfortable) furniture and whimsically helpful staff.  It’s also where I met bestselling author and all-around nice guy Jamie Ford a couple of years ago.  I came to hear him talk about his debut novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, and came away enthralled.  (In fact, if you’re interested, you can listen to the podcast here.)

Now, his critically-acclaimed bestseller has been shortlisted as a candidate for the next One Book, One Denver.  Interested in helping make it happen?  You can cast your vote here.  You can also read Jamie’s all-too-humble thoughts about this incredible honor here.

What does this mean to you as an aspiring author?  It’s a reminder that even a first novel can break out big, earning not only bestseller status and the adulation of critics everywhere, but something even more important, more magical: it can serve as an inspiration to everyone who reads it.  Even a city full of avid readers.

And really, isn’t that a great reason to write?

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