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Your Very Own Custom Erotica — for Charity

Erotica author Tiffany Reisz

Here to prove that you can write a novel about even the most risque of topics is author Tiffany Reisz, who has a two-book deal with Harlequin Spice and three erotica novellas either out or coming out in the next year.  She has also graciously donated a truly unique item to Brenda Novak’s online auction to benefit diabetes research:

A ten to fifteen page personalized love scene between the winner and the celebrity (or two) of their choice. Author will send the winner a questionnaire and then write out their fantasy for them.

Wait a second, is she really saying . . . personalized erotica?

Yes, she is.  And lest you think I’m making this up, I contacted Tiffany to get the scoop.  Here’s the true story that prompted her donation, in her own words:

“When I was twenty-nine I dated an eighteen-year-old (don’t hate me – I’m an erotica writer – it’s my job to seduce teenagers) who was a Type One Diabetic. I left town and for three days I didn’t hear from him. When he finally called, it was from his hospital bed. He’d gone into diabetic keto-acidosis while I was gone and nearly died. I raced back to his side and after getting to second base with him in his hospital bed in the pediatric ward (you can’t make this stuff up), I made him swear to me he’d start monitoring his blood sugar better. Most people think diabetes is just a nuisance illness like allergies. But it’s not. It can kill. I almost lost someone I loved to diabetes. So what’s a better tribute to my sweet (and now happily married junior ex-boyfriend) than a personalized love scene between the winner and the person (real or fictional) of their choice. If they want, I’ll even set it in a hospital. Adjustable beds, you know.”

So there you have it.  Intrigued?  Better hurry, because this fundraising auction ends in just a few days!  Here’s a link:

Kristin Nelson Literary Agency Presents

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Brenda Novak runs this auction every year in honor of her youngest son, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at five years old.  All proceeds go to the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami to help find a cure.  How great is that?  We’re in the last few days of bidding, so come on and help out!

By the way, Tiffany Reisz wants you to know one last thing:

“THE SIREN comes out September 26, 2011. Incidentally, one of the main characters in THE SIREN is a type one diabetic. Coincidence? Not really. ;)”

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Help Fight Diabetes and Win a Critique!

That’s right, folks.  You already know you can write a novel — and now’s your chance to prove it.  Thanks to the heroic efforts of Brenda Novak and her elite team of auction experts, you have a chance to help a great cause AND win a personal manuscript critique from Yours Truly. 

And of course, there are plenty of other great prizes to be won, too!  Especially in the section conspicuously called Kristin Nelson Literary Agency Presents.  Who could pass up a 30-page read from veteran agent Kristin Nelson?  Or a 30-page evaluation from literary agent Sara Megibow?  These are top-notch opportunities, my friend.  Don’t miss out!

You could even win a personalized love scene written by author Tiffany Reisz!  And yes, it’s just what you think it is: a ten to fifteen page personalized fantasy love scene between you and the celebrity (or two) of your choice.  If that doesn’t give you an incentive to help out a good cause, I don’t know what will!

So do yourself a favor and check out Brenda Novak’s 2011 Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research.  You can help a much-needed cause, get a chance to score incredible prizes and maybe even give your writing a boost.  No matter what, you come out a winner!

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Literary Agents, Editors and You, at the Brenda Novak Diabetes Fundraiser

This is a great charity event!  I’ve been wanting to donate to this for years.  (True story: back when I worked at a book distributor, there were two pallets of Nora Roberts and Iris Johansen paperbacks I was almost able to donate, but then there was an unfortunate incident involving a blizzard, an aging forklift and a propane tank…  It didn’t end well.)

Anyway, this year I’m finally joining in with my humble donation:

Get your opening chapter into shape!

Get a critique of the first 25 pages of your novel manuscript, including personalized suggestions on how to polish this crucial part of your book.

Laurence MacNaughton is a writing coach and contributor to Writers’ Journal.  He teaches fiction writing at

Bidding opens on May 1st.  There are plenty of wonderful prizes to be had, including one-on-one help from various bestselling authors, top literary agents and editors, all ready to help you get published in exchange for your much-needed donation to help fight diabetes.

I don’t think my modest listing has gone live yet, but when it does, I’ll put up a link.  In the meantime, you can check out this very cool event here:

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