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They’re here! Win a Doomsday paperback

It Happened One Doomsday - paperback reveal

Read all you want. There’s plenty!

If you’re like me, you love getting books in the mail.

Tear open the envelope or cardboard box and boom, there it is. The book you’ve been waiting for.

This time, it’s a little more exciting.

No matter what you think, absolutely nothing can prepare you for the experience of opening up the box and seeing a giant stack of your own book staring back at you.

A book with your name on it. A book you wrote.

All of those endless days and nights of struggling to get the words just right. All of the worry, all the joy, all the heartbreak, all the struggle.

All of it. It comes down to this.

Now this . . . this is cool. And it makes me realize something:

I’m glad I’ve been working out, because these books are actually kind of heavy.

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