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Advance reader copies – hot off the press!

Just today, Pyr printed ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of my upcoming urban fantasy novel, It Happened One Doomsday.

It Happened One Doomsday print ARCHow cool is that?

Personally, I find it amazing. Part of me never believed that this little book would get this far. Very cool.

The actual books are a couple thousand miles away in New York. But here’s a sneak peek photo, kindly brought you by the ever-resourceful Hanna Etu, Pyr’s editorial assistant extraordinaire.

By the way, important point: these books don’t feature the actual cover art. This is just a placeholder cover.

That’s OK. What matters is that this gives reviewers and other authors something to read (and hopefully say nice things about) in the months leading up to the actual book release.

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Andres held the long pistol steady . . .

The Spider Thief Omnibus paperback

Now in paperback! The Spider Thief: Omnibus collects all four novellas into one gripping novel.

“The gold spider,” Andres said in a resonant Spanish accent. “Her power will belong to me.

The crisp mountain air washed over Ash like a torrent of cold water. It whispered across waves of tan grass, carrying the scent of old pines, making him feel alive again.

The porch boards creaked as the gunmen crowded in on either side of Ash. Behind, Andres’s leather shoes stepped onto the wooden threshold of the abandoned farmhouse. Then everything went quiet.

“Show me,” Andres said, his voice husky. “The gold spider. Where is she?”

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