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Should You Self-Publish Your Novel?

Ginormous Library

If you squint really hard, you can almost see my books … Oh wait, no, that’s James Patterson.

Which is better, self-publishing or a traditional publishing deal?

If you’re a hands-on, DIY type of person with an entrepreneurial mindset, then you might be better suited to self-publishing. If you’d rather focus on the writing and not deal with the rest of it, you might prefer traditional publishing.

I’ve done both. Here’s the truth: there are benefits and drawbacks to both self-publishing and traditional publishing.

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The Pasta Bible: Soylent Green really IS people!

The grand tradition of Soylent Green and “To Serve Man” has just had an unlikely addition: The Pasta Bible.  A cannibal-friendly typo has caused quite a bit of controversy in Australia this week.  Read it for yourself:

Forget fava beans and a nice Chianti; just add sardines and a little prosciutto, apparently.  Yikes!

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