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Spider Thief Steals Hibernating Tarantulas

pet tarantula

Just because it’s fuzzy doesn’t make it a cuddly pet.

Did you know that there’s a black market for stolen tarantulas?

Or that these spiders hibernate during the winter?

Can you imagine someone crazy enough to break into the dark, cobweb-choked crawlspace under a house and steal a bunch of giant spiders?

Yeah. My thoughts exactly.

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So, real life can be stranger than fiction. But still, I do my best to make fiction pretty freakin’ strange.

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News Flash: Crook busted by Spider-Man — and Jedi Knights!

Just in: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and a handful of Jedi Knights nabbed a would-be comic book thief, in a real-life heist gone comically wrong.  Stranger than fiction?  You bet.  Here’s a link to the article:

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