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Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Now Featuring Yours Truly

If you’re a Colorado writer, you owe it to yourself to check out Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a source of news, inspiration, critique groups, conferences and the occasional bestselling author. 

Editor extraordinaire Carly Willis puts together an excellent newsletter every month.  If you’re a member (or thinking of becoming one), check out the March newsletter, featuring an article by moi.  It’s absolutely jam-packed with life-changing writing advice that will make your life complete.  Or, failing that, it’s a good way to kill a few minutes while you’re sipping your coffee.

Either way, check out here, and join your local writers!

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I’m in Writers’ Journal again

I’m happy to report that I sold another piece to the fine folks at Writers’ Journal.  This one’s just a small piece, but it was fun to write.  If you haven’t checked out Writers’ Journal yet, I recommend picking up a copy today!  It’s chock full of writing advice on how to get published, where to find markets, and tips on poetry, prose, photography and screenwriting.

So head to the news stand and grab a copy of this magazine!  Especially the March/April 2011 issue (hint, hint).

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