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And now…!

A funny thing happened on the way to the science fiction aisle. I found myself hankering for something new, something different, something I’d never seen before. You know that cool look-what-I-found moment when you stumble across something incredibly neat, and you just HAVE to share it with everyone you know? is here to deliver that!

Coming soon, you can expect to find book previews, interviews with established and up-and-coming authors, cool news and maybe even some Spock ears. (You never know.) Most of all, you can expect to find science fiction stuff you won’t find anywhere else. Insider info. Pre-release rumors. The new, the hip, the up-and-coming. It’s sort of like a bohemian underground sci fi cafe, but without the open poetry readings. So sit back, relax and dig in. You might just find something new to read this week!

And if you know of a cool new science fiction book, and you want to spread the word, email me! Or, if you’re (gasp) an author, I want to hear about your next book. Seriously!

Stay tuned for more!

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