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Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet: VICTORIOUS on sale today!

If you’ve been waiting for the latest book in what SF Site calls “some of the best military science fiction on the shelves today,” then wait no longer, citizen.  Face forward and get to the nearest book store, full ahead flank! 

Trust me, if you haven’t picked up this New York Times bestselling saga about “Black Jack” Geary and the Lost Fleet, you’re going to want to.  An all-too-human hero, a desperate flight home from deep behind enemy lines, and possibly the smartest-written space battles ever combine to make this series a sure winner.  Check it out today!

The Lost Fleet: Victorious on Barnes and Noble
The Lost Fleet: Victorious on

Or, better yet, buy local!

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  1. Mary McDonald

    I got mine in the mail on Saturday. I tried to make it last, but finished it by Saturday night. Why do I *do* that? I wait a year for a book and finish it in a day.

    I can't make chocolate chip cookies last either.

  2. Laurence MacNaughton, Author

    My copy lasted two whole days before I finished it, only because I got interrupted by cookies in the meantime. (No joke!) BTW, I rewrote your query letter for you; hope you don't mind. Sounds like an awesome story.

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