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How To Make A Disastrous Booksigning Event A Success by J.A. Konrath

Author J.A. Konrath

I happened across this writing article by J.A. Konrath recently at  Backspace, The Writer’s Place.  I remember reading it years ago, probably in Writer’s Digest somewhere.  Joe really knows his stuff when it comes to literary agents, publishers and how to write a book.  So check this out; it’s a great piece from a guy who is no stranger to the slings and arrows of self-promotion.  And whether you already have a book out or you’re just learning how to write a novel, this article has some excellent tips for any kind of meet-the-customer situation.  Read Joe Konrath’s article here.

I especially like the part about bringing pizza and donuts for the bookstore staff.  Which reminds me, when Joe came to my store, he didn’t bring pizza — but he did give me an autographed bottle of Jack Daniels, so I’d say that makes up for it.


  1. Jericho Ambrose

    Wow! I went to that link expecting a pretty blah list of things I would assume anyone would be told to do. It is actually incredibly helpful. I never would have thought to avoid sitting down (such a passive position) and the importance of shaking hands.

    I'm terribly shy by nature, so I'm sure book signings will be a tough one, but Mr Konrath really helped establish a great outline of what a newbie should attempt!

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