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When in Doubt, Check Preditors & Editors

Preditors & Editors

Have you been approached by a literary agent who wants to charge you a reading fee, has pointed you to a private “commercializing” service or seems just a little bit TOO slick to be a good catch?  It seems like the moment you decide you’re going to write a book, the sharks start circling. 

Time to protect yourself.  And in this case, knowledge is the best weapon.  Before you sign on the dotted line, check out those literary agents and editors on Preditors & Editors.  One look at that site could protect your fledgling writing career, spare immeasurable heartache and save you a stack of cash.  No joke.

Long before I sold my first piece of writing, I relied on Preditors & Editors to steer me clear of trouble.  (And since I’m now signed with a “highly recommended” literary agent, I’d say it worked out nicely!)  P&E is the gold standard when it comes to evaluating whether someone is trying to lift up your career — or just lift your wallet.

Dave Kuzminski, tireless editor of Preditors & Editors, has worked hard for years to spare people like you and me from the gnashing teeth of literary sharks.  He’s kind of like a caped superhero to the aspiring writer crowd.  He’s taken on scammers and unsavory characters of all kinds — he’s even been sued over it — and emerged as a shining sentinel of truth, justice and the “highly recommended.”

(And in case you’re wondering:  Yes, my humble website You Can Write a Novel is listed on Preditors & Editors.  I’m so proud!)

So protect yourself.  Check out ANYONE before you sign a contract.  Go ahead, it’s free!


  1. Chris Devlin

    Someone linked to them last week. I guess there's a hairy lawsuit going on and they asked for support. It's a great website–I always check them out before doing much of anything with writing.
    Thanks for highlighting the watchdogs.

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