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Free Writing Websites

Learn how to write a novel the right way.

Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess — you, dear reader, want to learn how to write a novel!  (Well, the fact that you’re on a web site called “You Can Write A Novel” conveniently gives it away.)  I’ve always believed that when you want to learn how to publish a book, you ask the literary agents, publishers and authors who already work in the business. 

So for your benefit, I’ve put together a few helpful writing links.  These top-notch writing websites are all chock full of the wisdom you need to achieve your dream of learning how to write a book.  Check ’em out!

Literary Agent Kristin Nelson’s Blog

Writer’s Digest

Science Fiction Writers of America

Mystery Writers of America

Romance Writers of America

Preditors & Editors

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

P.S.  Got any suggestions for more writing websites?  Send me an email!

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