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The #1 Secret to Finding Time to Write

“We live and die by the clock.”
–William Broyles Jr.

Too bad he didn’t have the
Datexx Miracle Cube Timer.

Want to get more writing done this week? Just follow this one simple trick. It works every time, no matter what you’re writing or how busy your schedule is. 

In fact, I used this exact trick to write this blog post. I’ve been so busy marketing my new novel, Conspiracy of Angels that I’ve been neglecting my blog. (For the latest, check out my revealing and fun interview at

Okay, so, you want to get more writing done. Right? Here’s the trick:

• Buy a cheap digital kitchen timer. And I do mean digital, because if you get the old-fashioned ticking kind you’ll feel like you’re trapped inside a rerun of 60 Minutes.

• Get settled in your chair, tasty beverage close at hand, and set the timer for half an hour.

• While that timer is running, all you’re allowed to do is write. You are not allowed to delete anything you’ve written. No back-spacing, no crossing-out, nothing. Even if you’re on a laptop. Either add new words to the page, or sit there and sip your beverage. That’s it. Those are your only two choices until the timer beeps.

At first, it’ll feel unnatural. Claustrophobic, even. But it forces you to ignore the rest of the world and reconnect with that storytelling magic that’s deep inside you, waiting to be unleashed. No true writer at heart can sit still for half an hour without writing something.

Remember, it’s just 30 minutes. You can do this!

My personal favorite timer? The Datexx The Miracle Cube Timer. Just Google it. I got mine from Amazon. Love it.

So how much time a week do you actually spend writing? How much would you like to spend? Something to think about.

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