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Shh! Don’t tell my wife — Jazzy’s back!

The Case of the Mummy's Secret by Laurence MacNaughtonPrivate detective Jazzy St. Clare is back, saving the noir streets of 1947 New York from another supernatural menace in The Case of the Mummy’s Secret.” (Click here to read it — and HEAR it — free.)

Just don’t tell my wife, because I’m supposed to finish my new novel before I write any more Jazzy stories.

But I couldn’t resist. After “The Case of the Green-Eyed Werewolf” zoomed up the charts to land on the front page of, I just had to bring Jazzy back for another frightful mystery. And in just two short days, over 250 readers have already read it. (Thank you!)

Check it out. It’s spooky, it’s funny, and best of all … it’s free. You can read along with cinematic music and sound effects for free on right now.

What do you think about Booktrack?

Reading ebooks with sound effects and music:

Too weird? Or too cool?

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