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Win a Manuscript Critique, Help a Great Cause

Brenda Novak diabetes auction
All the proceeds of this fundraiser will go to benefit the Diabetes Research Institute. You can help!

You can win 50 pages of intense story development editing in the Brenda Novak diabetes auction:

If you’re a writer, or you know someone who is …

Find out how you can get my undivided attention and advice for a full 50 pages.

Plus, you’ll get a personal 20 minute follow-up phone call to talk about your book, answer your questions, and learn more about how to get published.

It’s a donation you can feel good about!

You can help Brenda Novak and her incredible team (including my unstoppable literary agent, Kristin Nelson) raise more than $2 million to help fight diabetes.

Hurry: bidding ends 5/31/14!

Again, here’s the link to my critique on the Brenda Novak auction:

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