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4 Free Spooky Ebooks (with Sound Effects!)

When I was about nine years old, I ordered a cassette tape of Halloween sound effects out of the back of a catalog,

But here’s how big of a sound-effects nerd I am:

It wasn’t even October. Seriously.

Today, enhanced ebooks from combine two of my favorite things: sound effects, and reading.

So here are four free reads perfect for the Halloween season:

Dracula’s Guest

Bram Stoker Dracula's GuestThink you know the whole Dracula story?

Think again.

This short story, written by Bram Stoker, was cut from the original manuscript of Dracula.

It was published posthumously as a short story in 1914.

A hundred years later, it’s still terrifying.

Mall War Z

Mall War Z by Chazz Hill-HayrZombies, gore, and . . . shopping?

You betcha.

Mall War Z is more interesting than the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead, I guarantee.

This is a great read from Chazz Hill-Hayr,’s resident sound guru and rock star.

That last part is literally true. Chazz fronts the New Zealand punk band Flirting With Disaster, Give ’em a listen. Then read Mall War Z.

The Case of the Green Eyed WerewolfThe Case of the Green-Eyed Werewolf

If you haven’t checked this one out yet, you should.

This fun short-short story from Yours Truly is packed with action, music, mystery, and (of course) a slavering werewolf with a secret agenda.

Listen to the snarling werewolf, gunshots, running footsteps, even music from the club where Jazzy used to sing before she became a private detective. Over a thousand reads on!

The Case of the Mummy’s Secret

The Case of the Mummy's Secret1940s private eye Jazzy St. Clare is back again.

This time, she’s on the trail of a missing mummy with a millennia-old secret.

A Litquake award-winning story with twist you’ll never see coming.

Or will you?

There’s only one way to find out!

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