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Meet Hellbringer, the horsepower of the apocalypse.

Hellbringer - It Happened One Doomsday
HELLBRINGER. A muscle car possessed by a speed demon. Can Dru harness its arcane powers to save the world – or does its allegiance lie forever with the forces of darkness?

Excerpt from It Happened One Doomsday:

The garage was easily big enough for three cars, but it held only one: the long, angular form of Greyson’s black muscle car. It sat crouched behind Rane’s back, its hood open just an inch, as if waiting to devour her.

Greyson scratched his chin. “So if it’s possessed by a demon, you’re telling me Hellbringer could attack you again.”

Dru blinked. “I’m sorry, who?”

“Hellbringer.” He nodded his chin at the car. “That’s what I call it.”

“You named your car Hellbringer?” Dru said. “Doesn’t that sound a little, I don’t know, fate-tempting-ish?”

“I had a good reason. I planned to document the whole rebuild online. I needed a catchy name. Didn’t realize the full ramifications, obviously.”

She gave him a sidelong look. “You named your car Hellbringer.”

He shrugged. “Thought about changing it when I realized I couldn’t get a decent license plate. The closest I could get was H-E-L-L-B-G-R.”

“Sounds like Hell Burger.”

“Hell Booger,” Rane called.

Greyson ignored her. “You get my point.”

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