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Deepest secrets revealed on RMFW podcast

RMFW PodcastOK, so maybe not my “deepest secrets.” But this is possibly the most interesting interview I’ve ever done.

When the unstoppable Mark Stevens from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers invited me onto the RMFW podcast, I had no idea he’d ask me such thought-provoking questions.

A few of the many, many things we talked about:

• the nuts and bolts of working with a literary agent (Kristin Nelson, in fact) and a team of New York editors

• what it’s like to get your book featured on the front table display at Barnes & Noble

• how to deal with reviews (bad and good)

• how to plan out your novel

• how to create great characters

• the #1 most important thing to remember about being a writer

• how to conquer your fear and go after what you want

Plus lots more. And, bonus, you get to hear me read one of my favorite scenes from IT HAPPENED ONE DOOMSDAY.

Get it all right here:

Oh, and one more thing:

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