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You could win your own demon-fighting crystal. Seriously!

Galena crystals
Science: galena is a natural mineral form of lead sulfide. Magic: galena fights demons. Nuff said!

In my new book, Dru uses all sorts of magic crystals to fight the forces of darkness.

Take galena, for example. Scientifically speaking, it’s a lead ore with a low melting point. It also contains up to 2% silver.

But from a spiritual standpoint, it was used in ancient Egypt to line the eyes of the pharaohs. Possibly it was intended to give them second sight, possibly to protect against evil curses.

In my book, Dru uses it to fight demons.

Most galena crystals in the U.S. are mined in Missouri (galena ore has mostly industrial applications). I was recently talking to a guy who had retrieved some great crystals from a Missouri mine.

Apparently, there was so much groundwater in the rock that it dripped everywhere, constantly. They had to rig up corrugated steel on scaffolding inside the mine shaft to form a roof for the workers and equipment. Like it was raining underground.


Anyway, I have only a few of these galena crystals to give away. But one of them could be yours!

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