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Talking Points


Are ghosts real? What about demonic possession? Laurence grew up in a 200-year-old farmhouse that was reputed to be haunted, and has extensively studied modern and ancient beliefs about the supernatural. His fantasy novels and supernatural thrillers draw on real-world beliefs that give even the most rational among us nightmares.


Before becoming an author, Laurence was a professional test driver. He participated in the Hemi engine development program and tested hundreds of prototype vehicles for reliability and durability (sometimes to the point of destruction). His books feature intense car chases, split-second maneuvers and outrageous stunts.


The Rocky Mountains offer some of the world’s best rock shops, crystal shops, and lapidaries. Laurence speaks in depth on historical and New Age beliefs about crystals. (Did you know that the ancient Egyptians made eye makeup out of galena crystals, believing it protected them from the ‘evil eye’ — and modern scientists have discovered that galena can actually help prevent eye infections?) His critically-acclaimed Dru Jasper novels are packed with real-life crystals and their scientific (and reputedly spiritual) effects.


Laurence’s talks — and his books — directly take on the themes of overcoming fear, staying motivated, and achieving success. On the path the publication, Laurence received over 1,000 rejections before selling his critically-acclaimed debut novel in a multi-book deal. He inspires audiences to change their perception of obstacles, eliminate the fear of failure, and create the inner motivation needed to work hard, give back to the community, and achieve your goals. His motto is: “See it. Believe it. You can achieve it.”


Laurence lives in Colorado, steeped in a rich and storied history. An avid hiker and mountain biker, he has explored remote ghost towns, abandoned mines, ruined homesteads, and a treasure trove of forgotten relics of the Old West, all of which feature in his books.


Laurence learned to write from an African storyteller, sold his first magazine article at age 19, and has been a full-time writer for more than a decade. His magazine articles on writing have appeared in numerous writing magazines and on countless writing websites. He has taught workshops to hundreds of aspiring writers and is a sought-after speaker at writing conferences, book festivals, and conventions.

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