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Magic Carpet Ride (Dru Jasper series)

Magic Carpet Ride - Dru Jasper urban fantasy short storyDru, Opal and Rane are back in another fast-paced story set before the world-shaking events in IT HAPPENED ONE DOOMSDAY. Read it now for free!

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Writing Tips

Instant Plot: Plan Your Novel the Easy Way
COMING SOON! Instant Plot: Plan Your Novel the Easy Way

If you’ve read my blog for more than five minutes, you know that I’m incredibly enthusiastic about supporting and encouraging other writers.

That’s why I’m constantly sharing new writing tips in articles, podcasts, downloads and more. Because hey, nobody is born knowing how to write a book.

Check out these worksheets from my upcoming ebook, INSTANT PLOT:

FICTION: 7 Keys to Plot (PDF) describes the 7 important moments in every story > 

SCENE: 5 Keys to Action (PDF) gives you an outline for writing any scene in a novel or short story >

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