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3 weird (but true!) facts about It Happened One Doomsday

SFBC spotlight on It Happened One Doomsday

Science Fiction Book Club spotlight on It Happened One Doomsday

While this book is fiction, it was inspired by some very strange facts.

It all started with crystals. Here in the Rocky Mountains, you’re never far from abandoned gold mines, ghost towns, or rock shops.

In It Happened One Doomsday, the main character gets her magical powers from real-life crystals such as galena, amethyst, pyrite, ulexite, or quartz. Some people believe these rocks have metaphysical properties.

People like Dan Aykroyd from Ghostbusters, for instance. I once had a strange conversation with him about his private-label vodka, which he filters through Herkimer diamonds.

These “diamonds” are actually ultra-pure quartz crystals, which supposedly cleanse anything they touch.

In metaphysical beliefs, different crystals have their own supposed powers. Galena defends you against evil. Amethyst protects you from psychic attack. Halite (rock salt) dissolves negative energy.

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Blame Dan Aykroyd from Ghostbusters

Crystal Head Vodka it happened one doomsday

Dan even signed the skull for me. How cool is that?

A few years ago, on a placid summer evening resonant with cicadas, I stepped out to buy a bottle of wine for my wife’s show at an art gallery.

And there, in the corner of the store, sat Dan Aykroyd, promoting his new Crystal Head Vodka.

You may not know this (I certainly didn’t at the time), but Dan is a big believer in paranormal phenomena. In fact, his family has a long tradition of investigating the paranormal.

Personally, I’m more of a skeptic. But when a millionaire movie star comes right out and says that he filters his vodka using Herkimer diamonds for their metaphysical properties, you know there’s got to be an interesting story there…

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Dan Aykroyd and real-life ghost busting on Sci Fi Bookshelf

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Aykroyd at a liquor store recently.  As if that weren’t surreal enough, he promptly smiled and handed me a skull.  A glass skull, in fact, full of vodka. “Her name is Joy,” he told me.

I am not making this up.

I had come to talk to Dan about the group of guys outside convincingly dressed up as Ghostbusters, complete with their own ecto-gear, sound system and modern interpretation of the iconic Ghostbusters car.  (Now, there’s something you don’t see every day.  Unless, of course, you’re Dan Aykroyd.)  Instead, we ended up talking about his new line of Crystal Head Vodka, which I’m told is superb. I’ll never know, because the autographed skull bottle is just way too cool to open.  Dan did, however, promise to send me an autographed copy of his dad’s new nonfiction book, A History of Ghosts, if I could see my way toward getting a whole case of Crystal Head Vodka.

This man is good. I don’t even drink vodka.

The book arrived as promised, autographed and all. It turns out, surprise surprise, that Dan Aykroyd’s family has a history of investigating the spirits of the dead and attempting to contact them.  His great-grandfather even presided over a regular seance circle. From these childhood experiences, among other things, sprang the idea for Ghostbusters.

Oh, and those costumed Ghostbuster fans outside the liquor store? At their behest, Dan autographed all of their home-made gear. Including the hood of their car. How cool is that?

A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Seances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters (Hardcover)
by Peter H. Aykroyd with Angela Narth, introduction by Dan Aykroyd
ISBN 978-1605298757

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