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3 weird (but true!) facts about It Happened One Doomsday

SFBC spotlight on It Happened One Doomsday
Science Fiction Book Club spotlight on It Happened One Doomsday

While this book is fiction, it was inspired by some very strange facts.

It all started with crystals. Here in the Rocky Mountains, you’re never far from abandoned gold mines, ghost towns, or rock shops.

In It Happened One Doomsday, the main character gets her magical powers from real-life crystals such as galena, amethyst, pyrite, ulexite, or quartz. Some people believe these rocks have metaphysical properties.

People like Dan Aykroyd from Ghostbusters, for instance. I once had a strange conversation with him about his private-label vodka, which he filters through Herkimer diamonds.

These “diamonds” are actually ultra-pure quartz crystals, which supposedly cleanse anything they touch.

In metaphysical beliefs, different crystals have their own supposed powers. Galena defends you against evil. Amethyst protects you from psychic attack. Halite (rock salt) dissolves negative energy.

I based my magic system on these metaphysical beliefs, and that’s something I’ve never seen before in an urban fantasy novel.


Hellbringer 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona
Don’t try this at home. Really.

Besides collecting crystals, I’m also a car guy.

In this book, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse drive possessed muscle cars, essentially high-octane versions of Stephen King’s Christine.

One car in particular (named Hellbringer in the book) was inspired by a real-life black 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona hand-built by a guy who calls himself Mr. Angry.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Believe me when I say I love cars. Before I wrote this book, I was a professional prototype vehicle test driver.

I used to write engineering reports about vehicle failures, crashes and, yes, occasional explosions. So when I was writing the supernatural car chases in my book, I had some interesting driving experiences to draw on.

Interesting, yes – but trust me, writing is much safer.


Mid-century Modern design in urban fantasy
It’s like a haunted mansion via Dwell Magazine.

Besides the magic crystals and possessed muscle cars, my book also features a haunted mansion with a portal to the netherworld.

But instead of the typical old Victorian horror, this mansion is a space-age 1960s masterpiece based on the work of real-life designer and architect Eero Saarinen.

He designed the landmark archway in St. Louis and the soaring TWA terminal at JFK airport. His groundbreaking designs also inspired the chairs on the bridge of the original Enterprise.

I actually wrote part of this book while sitting at a table he designed. In one of those Star-Trek-type chairs.

And yes, it felt pretty darn cool.

Those are just some of the weird (but true) inspirations behind my debut urban fantasy novel, It Happened One Doomsday. Enjoy the book!

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