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Wanna play Asteroids? C’mon, you know you do.

As a kid, I had a brief brush with fame when I met the local Asteroids arcade champ, Joel, an “old timer” of about eighteen.  Joel had braces like a Cadillac grille and a truly awe-inspiring white-guy fro.  He earned his notoriety in an epic arcade smackdown that stretched into the night, eliminating competitors one by one, until he was the last one standing.  Joel never succumbed to “GAME OVER” — he lasted just long enough to blast everyone else into submission, and then coolly strutted away from the machine.  (Actually, after hours of free caffeinated beverages, it was more like a sprint for the restroom.)

Joel’s advice for racking up points: shoot out all but one asteroid, then lurk near the edge of screen and hunt UFOs.  It’s a dangerous gambit, this “Joel Maneuver,” but it racks up points fast.  IF you’ve got the skills to survive.

Think you’re as good as the legendary Joel?  Scroll down and find the Asteroids screen on your right.  Click “//Yes, I understand” and then “PLAY GAME.”  Use your arrow keys for thrusters, and your space bar to fire.

Now THAT will bring back some memories!

Just don’t blame me if the boss catches you.

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