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Join me at MileHiCon 2019 this weekend!

MileHiCon 2019There will be more than 100 science-fiction, fantasy, and horror authors and artists giving talks, signing books . . . cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. Join in the fun!

I’ll be on these panels:

Hidden Depths: Characters with Secrets
Friday 10/18/19 at 3:00 pm
Mesa Verde B

Self-Editing vs. Hiring
Friday 10/18/19 at 6:00 pm
Mesa Verde B

PG-13 Monsters: Not So Scary YA
Sunday 10/20/19 at 12:00 pm
Mesa Verde A

Fun trivia: This year’s guest of honor is USA Today bestselling author Angela Roquet, whose very nice blurb graced the cover of my book No Sleep till Doomsday: “An epic blend of magic, action, and humor.”

More details about this crazy weekend at

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Talking monsters on Beyond the Trope podcast

Just in time for Halloween, Colorado’s best podcast for nerds had me on to talk about the secrets to creating bloodcurdling monsters, and other spooky fun.

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Writers: Get a free copy of my workbook 7 Secrets of Writing Bloodcurdling Monsters when you subscribe to my author newsletter.

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The official soundtrack of IT HAPPENED ONE DOOMSDAY

Here’s a selection of female vocalist covers and remixes of some of my favorite 80s and 90s songs. I listened to these tracks over and over while I was writing It Happened One Doomsday.

A few notes:

• Kelly Sweet – In The Air Tonight: a song for Rane’s anger.
• Creep (Radiohead Cover): a song for Dru’s angst.
• Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (cover): a song for Greyson’s struggle to stay human.
• Drop the Lime – State Trooper: my go-to car chase song.


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Bestseller?! Surely, Google, you jest.

Ever Google yourself? Sure. Usually, nothing unexpected turns up.

Until one day you find yourself listed as a bestselling author:

Best Seller It Happened One Doomsday

What? WHAT?! Just about fell out of my chair when I saw this!

My new book, a best seller? Nah, that can’t possibly be right.

Probably just some miscalculation deep in the Google gearbox. But still, it’s fun to see!

Stay tuned for some cool giveaways, bonus chapters, and a chance to read the top-secret alternate ending on release day! Click here to sign up for my author newsletter. >

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+5 Toolbox of Nerdly Awesomeness

Last Christmas, my trouble-making brother got me hooked on the new Pathfinder fantasy card game. (The best part: it’s cooperative. You and your friends work together to try to beat the deck. Plus, you can play the same character every game, gaining greater powers over the course of a long ongoing story arc. Really neat.)

Pathfinder Card Game Custom Card Box

I made this – and now I can take my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to Starbucks with ease!

We play at Starbucks, and since the original cardboard box takes up way too much space on the table, I had to improvise. Originally, I packed the starter deck in a plastic recipe box and threw it in my backpack, so we could bike to the game.

100% fun. So what’s the problem?

The Game Keeps Growing

Continue reading

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Action! Thrills! Fantasy! FREE Comic Book Day is Tomorrow!

Free Comic Book Day 2014Who doesn’t love comic books?

They’re the perfect way to get kids hooked on reading. And face front, True Believer, ’cause grown-ups can enjoy ’em too!

In fact, here’s the sensational Stan Lee to tell you all about it:



So what are you waiting for? Find your local comic book shop here:

What’s your favorite comic book? Leave me a comment!

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Best new TV show: Downton Zombie!

Downton Zombie

Not an actual show. But it should be!

England, 1914 . . .

LORD GRANTHAM: Something seems a bit off with the new footman, wouldn’t you say, my dear?


LADY GRANTHAM: My word. Mr. Bates, look out!


MR. BATES: Perfectly all right, thank you. Don’t concern yourself.

LADY GRANTHAM: Thomas, go help Mr. Bates.

THOMAS: Begging your pardon, your ladyship, I’ll not be helping the likes of him if he’s been bit.

LORD GRANTHAM: He hasn’t been bitten yet. Bates, good chap, use your cane!


MR. BATES: Very good, m’lord. (WHACK! WHACK!)

LORD GRANTHAM: In the HEAD, man! At once!


ZOMBIE: Uuuurghh . . . (THUMP)

(They all stare.)

CARSON: My lord, would it be acceptable to barricade the staff in the kitchen?

LORD GRANTHAM: Perfectly acceptable, Carson. Meantime, shall we all retire to the drawing room?

Your vote: who would be the first to go?

Who do you think would be the first character to get bitten on Downton Zombie? Who should be first? Leave a comment!

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Wanna play Asteroids? C’mon, you know you do.

As a kid, I had a brief brush with fame when I met the local Asteroids arcade champ, Joel, an “old timer” of about eighteen.  Joel had braces like a Cadillac grille and a truly awe-inspiring white-guy fro.  He earned his notoriety in an epic arcade smackdown that stretched into the night, eliminating competitors one by one, until he was the last one standing.  Joel never succumbed to “GAME OVER” — he lasted just long enough to blast everyone else into submission, and then coolly strutted away from the machine.  (Actually, after hours of free caffeinated beverages, it was more like a sprint for the restroom.)

Joel’s advice for racking up points: shoot out all but one asteroid, then lurk near the edge of screen and hunt UFOs.  It’s a dangerous gambit, this “Joel Maneuver,” but it racks up points fast.  IF you’ve got the skills to survive.

Think you’re as good as the legendary Joel?  Scroll down and find the Asteroids screen on your right.  Click “//Yes, I understand” and then “PLAY GAME.”  Use your arrow keys for thrusters, and your space bar to fire.

Now THAT will bring back some memories!

Just don’t blame me if the boss catches you.

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Leverage: The Quickstart Job

True to all things geekish, I give you my review of Margaret Weis Productions‘ newest role-playing game, based on the Leverage TV show.  In a nutshell:

This is a fun little trial-sized game with a slick, big-budget wrapping over a savory indie center. You need not be a fan of the TV show to appreciate this gem. It contains bare-bones rules, pre-generated characters and a solid (if brief) adventure. In all, it’s a good evening’s worth of entertainment.

And you can get it for the princely sum of two bucks.  Read the whole review at:

By the way, the overachieving folks at MWP have also just come out with a Smallville RPG.  Check it out!

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