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+5 Toolbox of Nerdly Awesomeness

Pathfinder Card Game Custom Card Box

Last Christmas, my trouble-making brother got me hooked on the new Pathfinder fantasy card game. (The best part: it’s cooperative. You and your friends work together to try to beat the deck. Plus, you can play the same character every game, gaining greater powers over the course of a long ongoing story arc. Really neat.)

Pathfinder Card Game Custom Card Box
I made this – and now I can take my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to Starbucks with ease!

We play at Starbucks, and since the original cardboard box takes up way too much space on the table, I had to improvise. Originally, I packed the starter deck in a plastic recipe box and threw it in my backpack, so we could bike to the game.

100% fun. So what’s the problem?

The Game Keeps Growing

But after every five games, you can add another adventure deck, which introduces another 110 cards, with new monsters, new treasures, and so on. Before long, I had a backpack crammed full of plastic boxes, and it was much too bulky.

What to do?

Much hand-wringing later, I realized I could fix this problem the same way I fix everything.

Solution: Get More Tools!

After skulking the aisles of my friendly local Harbor Freight Tools, I zeroed in on a tool box perfectly sized to hold the base set of Rise of the Runelords, plus ALL of the expansion decks, PLUS the new base set of Skull & Shackles. And dice bags for me and my lovely wife.

(Her dice bag, by the way, is an actual Starbucks mini-gift-coffee sack. How apropos.)

All the tool box needed was a set of home-made dividers, and voila. Bring on the dice, and the pumpkin spice lattes!

What’s your favorite game?

Got a favorite game of your own? Tell me about it in the comments.

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