Best new TV show: Downton Zombie!

Downton Zombie

Not an actual show. But it should be!

England, 1914 . . .

LORD GRANTHAM: Something seems a bit off with the new footman, wouldn’t you say, my dear?


LADY GRANTHAM: My word. Mr. Bates, look out!


MR. BATES: Perfectly all right, thank you. Don’t concern yourself.

LADY GRANTHAM: Thomas, go help Mr. Bates.

THOMAS: Begging your pardon, your ladyship, I’ll not be helping the likes of him if he’s been bit.

LORD GRANTHAM: He hasn’t been bitten yet. Bates, good chap, use your cane!


MR. BATES: Very good, m’lord. (WHACK! WHACK!)

LORD GRANTHAM: In the HEAD, man! At once!


ZOMBIE: Uuuurghh . . . (THUMP)

(They all stare.)

CARSON: My lord, would it be acceptable to barricade the staff in the kitchen?

LORD GRANTHAM: Perfectly acceptable, Carson. Meantime, shall we all retire to the drawing room?

Your vote: who would be the first to go?

Who do you think would be the first character to get bitten on Downton Zombie? Who should be first? Leave a comment!

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