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“Fresh urban fantasy.” — Seattle Public Library

Seatle skyline

Here’s a nice new review from the Seattle Public Library:

“Light on angst and heavy on banter in a world where the four horsemen of the apocalypse drive muscle cars, this fresh urban fantasy plays with genre tropes with a heroine more likely to consult a book than swing a sword.”

Thank you, Seattle!

And it’s true. The most powerful weapon in Dru’s arsenal isn’t a sword. What is it?

Dru’s secret weapon is actually the library of ancient manuscripts she keeps in the back of her shop, where she does her research.

As an author, I had so much fun coming up with the titles and content of her books. Here’s a peek at a few books on Dru’s shelf:

Folio of the Forlorn – Dru’s favorite book as a kid. Has a leather binding embossed with skulls. Yes, she was a weird kid.

Scioptic Whitchcraft and Calamituous Inscriptions Most Noxious – based on actual real-life Puritan books I found in my research.

The Cyclopedia of Fallen Angels – pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

The Inscrutable Codex – a book that supposedly has information about everything in it. But nobody knows how to read it.

The Complete Dummies Guide to Eschatology – not an actual book, but it should be.

Remember: reading is good for you — as long as you don’t read a cursed soul-sucking tome of ultimate evil. Or anything with Necronomicon in the title. Just a safety tip.

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