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It’s a good thing she’s such a badass.

Rane - It Happened One Doomsday
Rane. Bad with names. Boundary issues. Breaks concrete blocks for fun. With her fists.

Meet Rane.

It’s no coincidence that “Rane” rhymes with “pain.” She’s Dru’s best friend, Opal’s best frenemy, and Greyson’s possible nemesis.

She’s also six feet tall and able to transform into rock or metal just by touching it. Comes in handy for crushing the forces of darkness.

But does her ‘smash first, ask later’ attitude make her a potent ally — or a loose cannon?

Find out all about Rane, her friends (and her enemies) coming up in It Happened One Doomsday.

Plus, read a sneak preview!

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