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Coming in 2017: Dru Jasper Book 2

A Kiss Before Doomsday
A Kiss Before Doomsday
Did you notice the red glowing tire tracks? Words can’t express how much I love this new cover.

So, this year I did something I’ve never done before. I wrote a sequel.

It was weird, because for the first time, I found myself writing a book with pre-established characters, relationships, settings, etc. Dru’s magic universe (or the “Druniverse” as I like to call it) was already firmly laid out in the first book.

If a story fact made things more complicated, it’s not like I could just change it. I had to work it out. For example, Opal doesn’t have magical powers, but now she’s caught in the midst of these epic magical struggles. What does that mean for her as a person? What does that mean for her friends?

We know from the first book that Rane broke up with her boyfriend Salem, who is possibly one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. What happens if their ugly breakup gets in the way of fighting the bad guys? Will they become mortal enemies – or is there still a spark there?

Dru started off with minimal magical powers. Now she’s a full-fledged sorceress capable of opening a portal to the netherworld. How does that change her relationships with her friends? What does it mean for the rest of the sorcerers? Can she handle her new powers, or will she mess up?

So many questions. When I sat down to write this book, I no idea how they would all be answered.

(Actually, that’s not true. I had a bunch of ideas. I just wasn’t sure which ones would make the best story.)

To be honest, sitting down to write Book 2 was mighty strange. But it was a heck of a lot of fun to write, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a blast reading it.

I can’t reveal anything about A Kiss Before Doomsday just yet (especially the big question: what happened to Greyson?). But I want to express my endless gratitude and thanks to you and all of my faithful readers. I will drop as many hints and sneak previews as possible the closer we get to the release day. More to come!

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