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How to Write a Novel This Year: 10 Free How-To Articles

Writing Desk - how to write a novel
Do you have questions about writing a novel? Here are the answers.

Something like 92% of all New Year’s resolutions are doomed to failure. If one of your goals is to write a novel this year, don’t let yourself become a statistic. Find out the answers to your questions and learn how to write your book.

Since I joined the powerhouse faculty at Janice Hardy’s Fiction University, I’ve written a monthly how-to guide for writing fiction. If you’re looking for some writing inspiration or technique, you could do worse than checking out some of my favorite articles:

6 Easy Steps to Planning Out Your Novel

Even if you hate the idea of writing an outline or synopsis, you can still figure out a plan to help you finish your novel fast, avoid major revisions, and beat writer’s block forever. It’s surprisingly easy. Here’s how to do it.

7 Keys to Irresistible Plots

Is there a simple way to make the plot of your story irresistible, so that your readers keep turning pages, desperate to find out what happens next? You bet there is.

6 Easy Steps to Unforgettable Characters

Readers will pick up your book because of the concept, but they’ll keep reading because of the characters. No matter what genre you write in, interesting characters are absolutely essential to a well-told story. This is the easiest way to create them.

Create the Perfect Villain: a 6-Step Master Plan

If you can pull off even one or two of these methods, you’ll make your villain more interesting and improve your story. Do all six, and you’ll create a villain your readers will never forget.

7 Keys to Creating Blood-Curdling Monsters

Science fiction, fantasy and horror stories are full of monsters. But one of the toughest jobs a writer has is coming up with creatures that are new and interesting. Here’s the quick and easy way to do it.

6 Ways to Make Readers Fall in Love With Your Characters

When readers care deeply about your characters, they can lose themselves completely in your writing. But that story magic doesn’t happen by accident. There are six specific techniques you can use to make readers fall in love with your characters.

The Ultimate Guide to Character Motivation

Why do your heroes and villains do what they do? You need to know. Without a rock-solid motivation, your characters risk coming across as boring and flat. But if you can give your characters intriguing motivations, you can write a story that truly resonates with readers. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

How to Write Kick-Ass Action Scenes

Do you struggle with writing fight or chase scenes? Do you avoid putting action in your stories because you aren’t sure how to make the action tense, original, and interesting? Writing a hard-hitting action scene is easier than you think.

Is Your Story Stuck? 5 Questions You Need to Ask

If you’re feeling stuck, and you have the sneaking suspicion that your story went off the rails somewhere, don’t worry. You can fix practically any story problem just by asking yourself five simple questions.

Got a burning question about writing fiction?

Writing a novel isn’t easy. You probably have a million questions. Well, not literally a million. But there’s probably one big question that’s bugging you.

Ask me in the comments, or contact me. Seriously, I read every message.

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