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It Happened One Doomsday ebook $1.99 until Oct. 2

It Happened One Doomsday ebook

Only $1.99 until Oct. 2

Dru Jasper now officially has her own book series. (Yay!) So if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the perfect time to start.

Plus, you can get a free bonus ebook.

Here’s how:

1. Get the first Dru Jasper ebook for $1.99 (hey, that’s 89% off).

2. Tell me when you leave a review (on any website), and I’ll send you the latest Dru Jasper novelette, Put A Spell On You, for free. It’s my gift to you.

That’s it! So easy.

But! The deal only lasts until October 2. So get it while it’s hot!

Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  iTunes  |  Kobo

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How to Create Your First Booktrack (and Get 2,000 New Readers)

booktrack headphones

Photo by Jeff Golden / via Flickr

When I first heard about from my literary agent, Kristin Nelson, I was fairly skeptical of the idea. Ebooks with music and sound effects, really?

But then I tried the Booktrack of the short story Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft. I’ll be honest—I was blown away. Hearing the waves lap against the side of the castaway’s lifeboat, hearing his footsteps trudging through the sand, listening to the ominous music building to a crescendo as he explored the ancient ruins …

Read the rest at >

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You could win The Spider Thief: Omnibus!

The Spider Thief Omnibus paperback

For the first time, The Spider Thief: Omnibus collects all four novellas into one gripping novel!

I’m super-excited to announce my new book, The Spider Thief: Omnibus, a collection of the first four Spider Thief novellas. To celebrate, I’m giving away copies to four lucky subscribers!

No purchase necessary — just sign up for my newsletter.

Bonus: this special omnibus edition also includes the opening chapters of Conspiracy of Angels. “Uber-cool!” (bestselling author J.A. Konrath).

What it’s all about:

When an outlaw unearths an ancient gold spider statue and falls prey to its memory-stealing curse, his only shot at survival lies with the woman he left behind years ago — a highly-trained agent harboring a deadly secret. A gripping serial thriller from “a new talent well worth exploring deep into the night.” (NYT bestselling author James Rollins).

The Spider Thief on >>

Bonus: get Part 1 FREE on until 4/13/14! >>

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It’s here: The Spider Thief, Part 2: Haunted Dreams

The Spider Thief, Part 2: Haunted Dreams

Available now on

All of his life, Ash has been haunted by the ancient curse that killed his parents . . .

Ash is a Robin Hood-style con artist who rips off the worst kind of crooks and uses the money to help their victims. He’s unearthed an ancient gold spider statue with the power to erase the past . . . change the future . . . perhaps even grant eternal life. But its curse has stolen Ash’s memories.

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The Spider Thief, Part 1: Stolen Memory releases today!

My new book is here — The Spider Thief, Part 1: Stolen Memory — and it releases today exclusively on

The Spider Thief is a series of four interlinked novellas, and you can read them alone or all in a row. Every week, a new installment releases on Amazon.

Here’s the lowdown from my world-class literary agent, Kristin Nelson:

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It’s World Book Day–Get a Free E-Book!

It takes a lot to make a guy like me blush.

In celebration of World Book Day and Read an E-Book Week, the ever-awesome has named me a Booktrack Star.

Aw, shucks.

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Sneak Preview of The Spider Thief

The Spider Thief - Part 1: Stolen Memory

Click the cover image and sign up for a free ebook!

I’m about to do something I’ve never done before.

I’m publishing each part of my new thriller, The Spider Thief, separately in quick, fun-size episodes.

Part One: Stolen Memory is about to hit Amazon. But just for fun, I leaked a sneak preview online.

The response has been amazing …

A hundred reads in the first 24 hours.

Average review: five stars. has already called it “a must read.”

(Click here to read and listen to the first two chapters for free on

I’m honestly humbled at the great response. And I can’t wait for you to see all the twists I’ve packed into each episode.

I’ll give you some hints: An ancient curse. A lost city. A family secret. A million dollars in cash … and that’s just the beginning.

Get your free ebook — but hurry!

To celebrate the upcoming release, I’m going to give away a free copy of Part One: Stolen Memory to the first 100 people who join my newsletter list.

Want your copy? Just click here to subscribe.

Want to share your thoughts about The Spider Thief? Leave me a comment.

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Best of 2013: Conspiracy of Angels only 99 cents until January 31

Best ebooks of 2013

Conspiracy of Angels: Best Booktracks of 2013. Click here to listen.

Okay, so, I was going to make all of these announcements separately, but they’re piling up so fast that I’ll just have to just roll them all into one mega-awesome combo announcement:

First, from now until January 31, the Conspiracy of Angels e-book is only 99 cents.

That’s a heck of a deal. Nuff said.

(If you’d like to try it before you buy it, just join my email newsletter, and I’ll send you the first chapter for free.)

Second, I’m proud to announce that Conspiracy of Angels was selected as one of the Best Booktracks of 2013.

That’s a tremendous honor, particularly considering that there are so many fantastic Booktracks out there right now. To find out that Conspiracy of Angels was chosen as one of the best is a wonderful surprise.

Over 600 people have already given it 4.85 stars after listening to it for free. You can too! Just click here.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with, it’s a fun way to experience ebooks in a brand-new way. The books are enhanced with music and sound effects, and they play along at your reading speed. It’s a little strange, but it’s effortless to get started, and it’s free. And free is my favorite price!

Okay, here’s the third and final announcement, I promise:

Conspiracy of Angels is now available in paperback!

Yes, an actual, physical, “real” book that you can put on your bookshelf. (After you’ve read it, of course.) Here’s the Amazon link.

Even better: right now, you can enter to win an autographed copy of your very own. Here’s how.

Just click here to join my newsletter mailing list. I’ll pick one lucky winner at the end of the month. And if it’s you, I’ll send you an autographed paperback signed by Yours Truly.

I’m so psyched, I have to share. Having my very first paperback–the first of many, I hope–is just an incredible feeling. Kind of like getting behind the wheel of that brand-new car you’ve always wanted … or unlocking the front door of your dream house … only, it has your name on it.

Plus, I’ve been told it’s a pretty good story. :-) If you’ve already read it, would you consider going to Amazon and leaving a review?

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s your chance to win it. Just click here to enter.

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More awesomeness from the fine gents at


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They’re finally here: Free ebooks with soundtracks!

The Case of the Green-Eyed Werewolf by Laurence MacNaughtonFor years, it seems like publishers have been promising ebooks with audio tracks — books with the added dimension of sound. Is the world ready for them? Heck, yeah!

My new short story — “The Case of the Green-Eyed Werewolf” — is pretty much overflowing with snarling werewolves, gunshots, running footsteps, even music from the club where Jazzy used to sing before she became a private detective. It’s one of the most-read new stories on Booktrack right now.

And you can experience it right in your Chrome browser — for free. How cool is that?

Just go to

By the way, I also recommend checking out “Dagon” by H.P. Lovecraft — it’s SUPER creepy with sound effects.

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