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It’s here: The Spider Thief, Part 2: Haunted Dreams

The Spider Thief, Part 2: Haunted Dreams
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All of his life, Ash has been haunted by the ancient curse that killed his parents . . .

Ash is a Robin Hood-style con artist who rips off the worst kind of crooks and uses the money to help their victims. He’s unearthed an ancient gold spider statue with the power to erase the past . . . change the future . . . perhaps even grant eternal life. But its curse has stolen Ash’s memories.

His only hope is Cleo, his embittered high-school sweetheart, now a highly trained agent obsessed with tracking down the man who murdered her father . . . the same killer who is now after Ash and the gold spider.

Are they too late to stop the killer from claiming his next victim — Ash’s brother?

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SERIES NOTE: This novella continues the thrilling story of The Spider Thief series. You can read it alone, or start with The Spider Thief, Part 1: Stolen Memory. You can also enjoy the complete story in The Spider Thief: Omnibus, which collects all four episodes into one gripping novel!

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