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“Tom Cruise” reviews It Happened One Doomsday

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“MacNaughton hits the ground running with this fast-paced and off-beat doomsday tale complete with muscle cars of the apocalypse! Wacky characters and witty dialogue spice up the action as this story roars along. A terrific new find!”
—RT Book Reviews

“The first entry in MacNaughton’s new urban fantasy series features sorcery, magic, nearly indestructible classic cars, and characters who run the gamut from faintly noir to slightly horrific. MacNaughton has created a strong foundation for a fascinating series where anything is possible and everything has a cost.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Comedy, fantasy, and romance blend together smoothly, and the characters are cute.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A fast and fun ride that keeps you entertained all the way through its unyielding mayhem.”
—Starburst Magazine

“This engaging urban fantasy will have readers anticipating the next book in the series.”
—Library Journal

“It Happened One Doomsday is a curious beast: a rom-com with an apocalyptic bent. [Dru is] supported by an interesting magic system and a bookish background that makes her an immensely engaging underdog. I don’t know if the rom-com tropes will continue, but I sincerely hope the series does. This was fun.”
— San Francisco Book Review

“Fresh, fierce, and laugh-out-loud funny. The most rollicking read I’ve had in ages!”
—Lisa Shearin, New York Times-bestselling author of the Raine Benares series

“Laurence MacNaughton sends readers on a fast-paced adventure into a fascinating world of sorcerers literally dealing with problems of apocalyptic proportions. It Happened One Doomsday will keep you turning page after page up until the end of the world!”
—Richard A. Knaak, New York Times-bestselling author of Black City Saint

“From zero to apocalypse in 60 seconds! A fast-paced, action-packed supernatural road rally that had me on the edge of my seat—when I wasn’t laughing out loud. Think Harry Dresden meets Stephen King’s Christine. Can’t wait to read the next installment of this exciting new series.”
—Mari Mancusi, award-winning author of the Scorched series

“It Happened One Doomsday is an epic blend of magic, action, humor, and romance, delivered at breakneck speed on the road to Armageddon. Laurence MacNaughton knows how to unleash an apocalypse in style!”
—Angela Roquet, author of the Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc. series

“Demonic road trips, magical car chases, brilliant trope inversions. If the apocalypse is going to be this much fun, sign me up!”
—M. C. Planck, author of the World of Prime series

“MacNaughton makes the end of the world lots of fun—Stephanie Plum meets Stephen King’s Christine. Bring crystals, pastries, and a full tank of gas to get the shotgun seat at Armageddon!”
—Laura Bickle, author of the Dark Alchemy series

“Dru’s apocalyptic adventures with demons, magical crystals, and crazy-making chaos are hellishly original and lots of fun.”
—Helen Harper, author of the Highland Magic series

“With likable characters, witty banter, and the road trip from hell, this may be the most fun you’ll have on doomsday. Or any other day ending in y.”
—Shanna Swendson, author of Enchanted, Inc.

“Magical and thrilling. A page-turner with genuine heart. Fans of Kevin Hearne and Benedict Jackson will lap up the adventures of Dru Jasper. A truly worthy addition to the ranks of great Urban Fantasy heroines.”
—Paul Crilley, award-winning author of The Abraxis Wren Chronicles and X-Files: Conspiracy

“Laurence MacNaughton has created a rich and inventive world, populated it with a cast of mesmerizing characters, added a dash of leather-clad magic along with the unexpected and masterfully woven them all together into a must-read story for every fan of the genre.”
—Michael Alan Nelson, author of Hexed

“Add Laurence MacNaughton’s Dru Jasper to the pantheon of Ree Reyes, Atticus O’Sullivan, and Harry Dresden. MacNaughton shatters his way through an apocalyptic good time, leaving a trail of broken crystals in his wake.”
—Michael Haspil, author of Graveyard Shift

“A reluctant sorceress. Her shapeshifting warrior BFF. Her wisecracking employee. A hunky mechanic who is becoming one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Possessed cars. Oh, and a dentist. This book has everything.”
—Book Riot

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