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The Spider Thief

All his life, Ash has been haunted by the ancient curse that killed his parents.

From the cobweb-choked ruins of a lost city in the Amazon emerges a gold spider statue with flashing emerald eyes. If the legends are true, the gold spider has the power to erase the past . . . change the future . . . perhaps even grant eternal life. But touching the spider will steal your memories — and then your life.

For centuries, men have killed to possess the gold spider. Like the man who murdered Ash’s parents. Now, the killer has returned, and Ash is trapped in the grip of the spider’s curse.

Can he solve the riddle of the gold spider before its deadly curse claims him next?

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SERIES NOTE: The Spider Thief was originally told in four thrilling novellas. Now you can enjoy the complete story in The Spider Thief: Omnibus, which collects all four episodes into one gripping novel!

The Spider Thief, Part 1: Stolen Memory

The Spider Thief - Part 1: Stolen Memory

Ash’s only hope is Cleo, his embittered high-school sweetheart, now a highly-trained agent obsessed with tracking down the spider. But Cleo knows something she’s not telling Ash — something about a million dollars in dirty cash, and the terrifying secret his parents died to keep…

The Spider Thief, Part 2: Haunted Dreams

The Spider Thief, Part 2: Haunted DreamsThe curse of the ancient gold spider statue has stolen Ash’s memories. He’s joined forces with Cleo, who is obsessed with tracking down the man who murdered her father . . . the same killer who is now after Ash and the gold spider. Are they too late to stop the killer from claiming his next victim — Ash’s brother?

The Spider Thief, Part 3: Cold Million

The Spider Thief, Part 3: Cold MillionAsh is a fugitive from the FBI, wanted for a murder he didn’t commit. His brother is on the run from a charismatic killer, Andres, who will stop at nothing to fulfill the spider’s curse. And Cleo is determined to bring down Andres for her father’s murder at any cost — even if Ash gets caught in the crossfire…

The Spider Thief, Part 4: Ghost City

The Spider Thief, Part 4: Ghost CityAsh’s brother is missing, and chasing the spider has left a high-speed trail of wreckage through the Mile High City: a dead priest, a million dollars in a stolen briefcase, and a deadly cult that will stop at nothing to retrieve the gold spider. Ash has only a matter of hours to escape FBI custody, find the woman he loves, rescue his brother, and solve the mystery of the gold spider before its curse kills them all…

The Spider Thief, Parts 1 – 4: Omnibus

The Spider Thief, Parts 1 - 4: OmnibusCollected here for the first time — all four episodes of The Spider Thief, in one complete novel! A gripping thriller from “a new talent well worth exploring deep into the night.” (NYT bestselling author James Rollins).

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